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"This is the only advertising we do! We don't even do FREE advertising. We average 20-70 coupons per day at each IHOP location. By advertising with the Twin Cities Clipper & Clip N Save, it has increased our business by 20%. We are very happy with our results and we would recommend the Twin Cities Clipper and Clip N Save to your business."

– Ernie Sr., Owner & Ernie Jr., District Manager
IHOP; Apple Valley • Burnsville • Oakdale

"I have worked with the Twin Cities Clipper for the last 7 years. The last 7 years at the Little Canada store I have increased my gross sales. I use the Twin Cities Clipper each month for 8 months out of the year. I redeem anywhere from 20-100 coupons a day!"

– Patrick Nickelson, Owner
A&W; Little Canada • Otsego

"The Clip N Save has provided us with a great return! It out performed the envelope advertising and other publications I have tried in this market. If you are looking to improve traffic, I would recommend using the Clip N Save to promote your business. It is the best value we have found!"

– Jon, Manager
Verizon Wireless

"We are very satisfied with our results from the Clip N Save. Our return has been higher than we expected. We had an immediate response the day it hit the mailboxes and continuing throughout the entire month. The Clip N Save has out performed all the other publications we have tried."

– Scott, Owner
Maggie's Family Restaurant, Wayzata

"We have enjoyed using the Clip N Save for our advertising piece. We get a very good response with the coupons we run. Our sales consultant is very helpful in giving us ideas on what coupons we should run for the month. We will continue to work with the Clip N Save to establish more traffic for our shop."

– Mary Kay Kopp, Owner
Ben & Jerry's, Wayzata • Eden Prairie

"The Clip N Save our performed the other advertising we have tried. After trying other coupons and envelope packages we signed up for the entire year with Clip N Save. We are very satisfied with results and service we have received from the Clip N Save."

– Mike, Owner
Frankie's, Chanhassen

"We have been using Clip N Save for the last year and our results have been astounding. We highly recommend using this form of advertising for your business. Thanks Clip N Save!"

– Gary Pahl, Owner
Pahl's Market, Apple Valley

Lake Elmo
"At first when dealing with print advertising I thought, “this never works, why should I do it?” After being skeptical as all marketing individuals are and talking with our sales representative, I felt the sense of security and decided to run 3 months of ads just to see what happens. I can tell you the decision to go with the Twin Cities Clipper has been one of the most effective returns I have invested in! We have been running with the Clipper for over a year now! My sales rep has been a pleasure to work with since the beginning and we continue to see the Clipper coupons returned daily at Lake Elmo Repair."

– Dan Olson, Owner
Lake Elmo Repair

"I have been with Clip N Save for several months now, and it is by far the most cost effective advertising dollars I have spent. It has generated a 30% rate of new customers, and also keeps my core customers coming back for that one special item that they can take a discount on. Along with a sales rep who gives 110% to keeping our sales up and our coupons fresh, all and all it is my best dollars spent this year.
Clip N Save gets a big thumbs up from Touch of Home Furnishings.”

– Mickey Mariette